Features & Capabilities
• Low Speed Masticating Technology: The Nutri-Master rotates at a speed of just 48 RPM to help retain more essential vitamins and enzymes
• High Yield: Our uniquely designed auger gets more juice out of each and every fruit and vegetable
• Wide Diameter Chute & Sloped Food Plate: Easily guide even larger ingredients into the chute for easier juicing
• Taste & Pulp Control: With 2 interchangeable strainers, you can get juice that’s just the right consistency and flavor every time
• Quiet Operation: A near-silent 260W AC motor works quietly and efficiently so you can juice fibrous fruits and vegetables without the noise caused by traditional juicers and blenders
Premium Design & Unbeatable Versatility
The NuWave Nutri-Master Slow Juicer is engineered for both performance and peace of mind. With built-in safety features, eco-friendly materials and a user-friendly design, the Nutri-Master is the perfect appliance for anyone looking to start eating and drinking healthier.

The Nutri-Master's juicing bowl and containers are made from Tritan, a plastic resin material which is study, durable and BPA-free. The Nutri-Master's auger and strainers are made with stainless steel and BPA-free PEI, a material engineered for extra strength and durability. The Nutri-Master body cover is made with aesthetically pleasing material that can complement virtually any kitchen décor.

COARSE STRAINER has larger holes for thick, pulpy juice. It’s also great for juice from soft fruits, thick juices like banana and strawberry, smoothies or soups.
FINE STRAINER as small holes for making cleaner juices.
While the Nutri-Master’s hopper does a great job of transforming healthy fruits and vegetables into delicious juice, sometimes ingredients can become lodged. That’s where the pusher comes in. Safely and easily guide in your favorite ingredients using the pusher for even more peace of mind.